SEAgrads was created in spring of 2017 to help bring together graduate students interested in economic anthropology. As a virtual community, SEAgrads aims to provide an environment that is accessible for students from a wide range of backgrounds. We’re not affiliated with any particular university, and everyone is welcome to participate. We want to make sure that the collective is a welcoming and inclusive space for grad students from across the world, and our content will aim to explore, and remain conscious of, the existence of intersectional inequalities in all elements of the sub-discipline, from teaching practice to publishing. Read our official launch announcement in Anthropology News.

Our goal: to help to advance the careers of graduate students working within economic anthropology, by providing a useful and dynamic platform for collaborative engagement within the subdiscipline.


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Who Runs SEAgrads?

The collective is currently run by a group of grad student leaders based in universities across the US and Europe. We have no formal hierarchy, and make decisions as a team with input from the community. As the collective continues to grow, we’re always looking for more graduate students to help continue to shape how the collective is run and the content and services that it offers. If you’re interested in taking on a larger role, contact any member of the leadership team below.

The current SEAgrads leadership team includes:

Stefanie Berganini
Colorado State University

Emma McDonnell
Indiana University

Tiemoko Traore
University of Bamako

Layla Zaglul
University of Sussex

Deniz Seebacher
University of Vienna

Sarah-Jane Phelan
University of Sussex