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Papers are still being accepted for consideration for a new volume of Research in Economic Anthropology, which will likely be published in late 2018 or perhaps in January of 2019.

The volume is intended to focus (broadly) on the theme of vulnerability.

From the original call for papers:

Recent presidential actions have highlighted, and potentially increased, the vulnerability of millions of people. Many in the USA might lose their health insurance in the near future, and many may find themselves further profiled or regulated into paralysis. The effects of climate change might eventually impact even more people. A new volume of Research in Economic Anthropology … will concentrate on how people face and cope with vulnerability—in a broad sense. Anthropological papers (either contemporary / ethnographic or historical / archaeological) with an economic focus that address this issue are currently being sought for this volume. Empirical analyses are generally preferred, but novel theoretical papers not grounded in a specific set of original “field” data may also be considered. (“Review of the literature” articles are generally not desired.)

In principle, submissions should be under 11,000 words in length and submitted directly to the editor as (MS Word) email attachments. All images/figures (with captions) should be included in the document. An abstract of 100-200 words is necessary, and all works cited should be included in a references section at the end. Self-identification should be avoided if possible.

There is no set deadline — papers will be accepted until there is no more space in the volume to consider new submissions.

2 Comments on “Research in Economic Anthropology”

  1. Hi, I’m just seeing this call. I work on vulnerable forms of employment among the rural workforce in Uttar Pradesh (India). I’m a PhD candidate in Economic Sociology and my research is based on empirical studies trhough ethnographic fieldwork mainly (ongoin). I would be interested in submitting a paper, but I haven’t a draft ready as of now. Do you think I could try and submit during summertime? Do you still seek for contributions?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Floriane,

      I’m not sure where this issue of REA stands. We shared the call for submissions, but we don’t have anything to do with the issue itself. I believe the editor is Dr. Donald Wood ( I’d try contacting him to see if they’re still accepting manuscripts.


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